Miscellaneous Photos from '98

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Well, 1998 has been off to a slow start...at least photo-wise.  The New Year's party was fun, but I have no pictures.  Then there was the Super Bowl party.  Again, no pictures.  Olympic Park Grand (re)opening...Nope, no pictures.  I've worked on a Habitat for Humanity home a couple of times, but, you guessed it, no pictures -- yet.  Some were taken, I just have to find out who has them.  (Well, okay.  There's one below that is a similar house.)

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The only event before March that I have pictures of wasn't even in Atlanta.  It was my mom's 75th birthday party -- a surprise party -- in Chicago.  So, here's a few photos of her party, courtesy of my sister Gwen's camera...

Mom's 75th Birthday Party Photos

Like I said before, I don't have any photos of the Habitat home I worked on, but here's a very similar one -- almost identical -- that my church sponsored last year:

This is just a miscellaneous photo from Wendy & Jason's housewarming/engagement party:

Atlanta has a "Music Midtown Festival" every year.   It has outgrown its location, so it may not be in Midtown next year, but you probably don't care anyway, right?  Anyhow, tons of big names are there with billions of people watching them.  (The festival goes from 6p on a Friday until 11p on Sunday -- all for something like $30)  One local radio station has a "locals only" stage where small, up-and-coming hopefulls perform.  Melanie's roommate Deidre knows one of the bands personally ("Another Man Down"), so the three of us were in the front watching them when they took a photograph for their new CD.  Yep, we ended up on the inside of a CD case!  Some other band had just ended on a stage a few hundered yards opposite the local's only stage (Foo Fighters maybe?) so it looks like there were thousands of people there watching this local band.  Pretty cool idea for a picture, eh?  The band is really decent too.  I'm half cut-off at the edge of the case, but here we are:

The NCTA (National Cable Television Association) show was in Atlanta this year, so most people from my company got to go.  That was pretty cool.

For some reason, there were these two models at the show that wanted to have their picture taken with me!  I don't get it either, but now I know what it feels like to have silicone pressed up against me and I have to say to any women that happen to be reading this, stick with what God gave you!

Later I met up with the kids from South Park, CO in Comedy Central's booth.  They may look cute, but those kids are pretty @#&*$-up:

There's a group of singles from my church that take a beach trip every year over the Memorial Day weekend.  This year we went to Kiawah Island SC., not too far from Charleston.

Memorial Day Kiawah Island / Charleston Trip Photos

Remember that party I had last July?  (If you forgot, it's under "Miscellaneous photographs from all of 1997".)  Well, believe it or not, two marriages came out of it...well sort of.  Carl & Debbie hooked up at the party and they just got married!  (The second couple's pictures are a little further down the page.)   I'm throwing another party this year, and several women have told me that I had to do it because they needed to find a husband.  They were joking of course...or were they?

Carl & Debbie at my party last year (7/11/97):

Carl's and Debbie's Wedding Photos

Every year our condo has an annual pool-opening party...
Condo Pool-Party Photos

My friend Melanie had her 25th birthday.  Me, her and a friend of hers went out to dinner to celebrate.
Melanie's Birthday Photos

It's an annual event -- going rafting on the Ocoee and then camping afterward.  I didn't get any rafting photos this year, but here's a bunch from the camping part...
Rafting / Camping Photos

Wade and Jennifer hooked up just after my party last summer (though I think the interest was there at the party) and they are now married, slightly less than a year later!
Wade's and Jennifer's Wedding Photos

Once again this year, I hosted a birthday party for myself and several friends from my church that all have July birthdays...
July Birthday Bash '98

Later in July, my friend Gary, in Chicago, came down to check out a hovercraft that he was interested in buying.  Yes, that's right, a hovercraft...
Gary's Hovercraft . . . and his parrot Max

The last couple of years, my department has gone out on Lake Lanier on a houseboat for some TB  ("team building" or "total bullshit" or something like that) and it's always fun.   We had three Waverunners and a few ski boats, plus the houseboat.  Here's just a couple of random pictures from that day.

I can't even tell who this is on the Waverunner.  It isn't me though:

Of course we act immature and have huge water fights, etc.  Luckilly I closed the glass door before they got me and the camera wet:
A bunch of friends and I went to Destin, FL for Labor Day weekend this year.  There were 12 of us in all, split between two condos we rented.  Needless to say, we had a blast...

Labor Day '98 - Destin, FL

Luanne hosted a Halloween party this year.  It was great.  40-50 people showed up, there were hey rides through Buckhead's nightclub area, and lots of laughs...
Halloween '98 - Luanne's Party

Christmas this year included two parties and visit home to Chicago...
Christmas '98

Finally, 1998 ended at a fun New Years Eve party...
New Year's Eve '98

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