Miscellaneous Photos from '97

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First, rafting.  I went down the Ocoee with the singles group from my church in early summer.  I'm the one in the lower left about to get really wet :

And then later, I went down the Nantahala (much easier river) with work.  I'm in the single-man raft in the middle of the picture (once again, getting really wet):

I got to go to the National Cable Television Association show (for work) where I got a chance to go skiing and also to interview Bugs Bunny & Michael Jordon:

Okay, how about some great friends from my church.  First and foremost, Luanne,  a terrific friend . . .

No, this isn't her couch.  Its in a room on St. Simon's Is. where a bunch of us went over Memorial Day:

Susan, Janna, me, and Luanne, also at St. Simon's:

And my favorite of Luanne -- her trying a clam for the first time.  Yum!  (I guess not):

I guess I might as well include a couple of some of us playing softball at Piedmont Park (here in Atlanta):

Okay, so now that brings us up to the 4th of July.  Jason and Wendy had a pool-party, but I don't have pictures of them, but here's some of other people . . .

This is Janna (again) and me:

And here's me, Jason, and Michael.  I'm loading a "tater gun".  This is a bizarre, yet fun toy that another Frank (pictured later) introduced to us.  It really shoots potatoes...far...like 100s of  feet:

Finally, a picture with Melanie in it!  (I know Steve was waiting.)  This is me (obviously), Melanie, and her friend Brandon that was in Atlanta doing his internship over the summer.

Phew!  I'm getting tired of typing.  Okay, Steve, here's some more.  These are from my birthday party.  It wasn't really a party for my birthday.  It was for several of us that have July birthdays.  I hosted it though.  It was a great party (though my neighbors might disagree) . . .

Hey, here's Brandon & Melanie again:

The guy about to walk into the picture is Stuart (all the women chase him).  He's probably pretty trashed by this point.  And for those of you that have met my friend Dawn, that black-haired person in the forefront is her!  See:

Yes, here once beautiful red-blond hair is gone!

Wade is in the lower left corner, Dawn is outside the patio door, then there's Janna, Frank, Melanie and Beth:

Leslie (in red), Jennifer and Todd:

This is Jill.  She must be fairly trashed here!  She got completely trashed on New Year's and started following Stuart around like an adoring puppy.  It was pretty cute and fairly funny.  (Maybe you had to be there.)

Okay, here's the tater-gun Frank.  Sheila is to his left, and yes, that's Luanne laughing on the right:

Michael is Sheila's husband, so I guess this is okay:

That was probably after he had a lot of the "cluster-suck" -- a deliciously intoxicating mixture of lots of alcohol that tastes like fruit juice.  It's pretty obvious how it got named.  Clustered around the watermelon, sucking, starting from lower-left, is Michael and his wife Sheila, Steve (the cluster-suck creator) and his girlfriend Amy, Nancy (about all you see is an eyeball) and her husband Todd:

The last "photo event" prior to my trip to Jamaica was when I went to University of Georgia's homecoming game with Melanie and a few of here friends:

Jamaica Trip

 In December, Melanie and I went to Jamaica for a week.
 Click here for nearly 50 pictures!

Ah yes, the holiday season.  This part of my Sunday School class that went to one of the dressier Christmas parties.  I didn't make it to the party, but I met up with them later at a dance club:

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