New Year's Eve '98

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Well, there's not a lot to say about the New Year's Eve pictures.  I went to a party that was basically a combination of people from our various single Sunday School classes, but not a church function.  It was an opportunity to meet some new people.  The party started out a bit slow, but by 11pm the place was packed (standing room only) and when I left at 3:00am, there were still quite a few people in other was a great party...THANKS JENNIFER!

My camera jammed after I took a few pictures, so I had to open it up and to fix it.  It resulted in a couple of lost pictures and c couple of messed up ones.  I fixed them the best I could using my computer...

I don't remember the names of either of these women.  I was so bad with one that I said I can remember numbers much better than names so she told me her SS# -- and I still remember it (she's the one on the right):

Beth (in the center) and Louisa on the far right (I think):

Ahhhh!  I can't remember her name either!  I'm SO bad with names.

Um...oh never mind:

Too many to name (lucky me):

At some point, someone apparently picked up my camera and took some pictures because I ran out of film before I expected to.  I think I know who the culpret was...Stuart ;-)  I think he was trying to take a picture of himself here.  The woman in the background, Jennifer, was the hostess:

Kristi and two people I don't know (the guy is the brother of someone from church):

Chelsea (no, not Clinton) and, um...oh I don't know:

Hmmm...Richard (maybe?), Chelsea again, and a different Frank (behind her):

Dave and his girlfriend (left), and Beth again (right):

Another group shot.  The only names I know are Kristi (front) and David (light sweater):

Christy and Jason (my friend Kara's ex-boyfriend):

Jason again, his date (new girlfriend?) far right, and David's back:

Someone I don't know, Jennifer and Kristi (again):

Hey, I guess I was there!  (And Jennifer, again, behind me):


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