July Birthday Bash '98

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Once again this year, I hosted a birthday party for myself and several friends from my church that all have July birthdays.  This is the July birthday group...Well, Melanie's is late June -- close enough, I guess.  From left-to-right, Melanie, Janna, Wendy, Frank, Frank (another one), Sheila, Mike:

These are just people hanging eating, drinking, and talking:
Nancy, and Janna in the forefront.
Jason, Sheila and her husband Michael.
Leslie, Sheila and Melanie
Luanne, Rhetna (sp?) who is a friend of Deb's that now lives in Chicago, and Deb looking at her finger.  Hmmm.  I wonder what's on it!

Luanne in another famous photo.  Thus may even rival the "Luanne tries her first clam" photo from last year.  Apparently she was a bit hungry . . . hungry enough to eat the queso dip (or was it bean dip?) with a spoon!  Ya just gotta love her expressions:

Rhetna (some day I need to find out how to spell her name) and Deb again.  It looks like she's wondering why Rhetna has such a weird expression on her face...either that or it's a smitten look for Rhetna...nah, that's not it.  And then that's Dave (from my work) looking paranoid that his picture is being taken (him and his damn witness protection program) and Susan.

Similar to above, plus Mike, me, and more of Melanie than her arm:

Hmmm, let's see.  Andrea talking to Todd, Frank wondering why I'm taking a picture of him, Robin (the real reason I was taking the picture) and Carlton who looks like he's staring across the room in lust...or maybe not:

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