Mom's 75th Birthday Party

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Mom.  Obviously.  Does she look surprised?  She seemed as much confused as surprised:

Here she is -- surprised again, but I don't know why.  Maybe she was surprised the rolls were hot: 

My sister Adrienne couldn't make it in from Hawaii, but her virtual presence was there via flowers she had sent.  The two women in the background are my mom's friends, and Virtual-Adrienne is sitting on the table:

My mom, me (to prove I was there) and my niece, Beth:

And of course the birthday cake.  I guess there was some fire code against 75 candles in a public restaurant, so we settled for eight:

And the obligatory group shot of mom and her kids ("Virtual-Adrienne" included, of course):

For some reason, my brother Mike always tilts his head in photos (see above) so we all decided to do it...Virtual-Adrienne too:

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