Rafting / Camping '98

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It's an annual event -- going rafting on the Ocoee and then camping afterward.  I didn't get any rafting photos this year, but here's a bunch from the camping part.

This year, I rented a cabin.  There were supposed to be at least 6 of us in it, but a few people backed out at the last minute, so it was just me, Carlton, Melanie, and Deidre.  The cabin was a lot nicer than I expected it to be.  2 double beds upstairs, a queen sleeper-sofa downstairs, and one double bed in a private bedroom:

Everyone else stayed in tents.  Of course we hung out with everyone else over by the tents (or played volleyball) until it was...well...until we passed out:

Carlton, Melanie, and Deidre:

Okay, this was strange.  Sheila had the hickups, and apparently the only cure that works for her is to have someone (in this case her husband, Michael) hold her ears shut while she drinks.  Yea, right.  Okay.

Just a bunch of people talking, etc.   People sure brought a lot of food, eh?  There was a lot of soggy leftovers sitting on the tables the next morning that went right into the trash.

At one end of the campground, our class is getting ready to play Twister (which is always more fun after a couple drinks)...

...while at the other end of the campground, another class plays Yatzee (boring):

I'm not sure if Todd thinks his beer bottle is a mircrophone that he's singing into or if he's just holding his beer that way while playing twister:

Frank (another Frank) spins the dial and is trying to figure out what to say it landed on to make the most people get tangled up.  (The spinner is just for looks.):

Is it Twister or are they getting ready to run a race?


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