Miscellaneous Photos from '04

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2004's photo album starts out with a couple of pictures from Valentine's Day:

Cheryl at the restaurant.

Cheryl and me at Whole World Theatre

March was pretty much consumed with my wedding to Cheryl

Just before the wedding, my department at work threw Cheryl and I a nice little wedding shower.

Frank & Cheryl's Wedding

A few days later was the wedding.

Just about all of our wedding pictures, and even some video clips are on this web site for your enjoyment.

As soon as I get all of our honeymoon pictures sorted out, I'll be putting a bunch of them on this web site, too...so come back soon to check for them here.

Frank & Cheryl's Honeymoon in Hawaii

And, of course along with a wedding comes a honeymoon.

Ours was in Hawaii.

There are hundreds of honeymoon pictures and a few video clips for you to view.


Not much happened between March and July.  Between my injuries from the accident keeping us from doing any of the things we enjoy the most (hiking, dancing, going to concerts, etc.), trying to keep two homes in tip-top shape for selling them, and the time to look for a new place we could truly call "ours", there's no real "web-worthy" news to share, but as of July, we're happy to say we found...
Our New House!

Our "New" House!
(click picture for many more pictures of the house)

Our New House!
Cheryl mowing!

And of course, after we were moved in, the lawn needed cutting..

Our New House!

...and in the family room, we needed to change out the red wallpaper that clashed with my leather sofa...

Our New House!

... to a more neutral color, and boy was re-wallpapering "fun" indeed!  (It was the first time either of us had wallpapered.  In the end, it turned out pretty darn good though!

What the heck is this
weird winged creature?

I found it crawling around in the back yard.

Besides the new house (and reading the old houses for sale) keeping us quite busy, my injury from the accident kept us from doing any hiking, which is something last year was filled with.  Gradually, I started out with short walks around the neighborhood and a nearby park, and by Labor Day weekend, I was ready to push myself much harder to see if I could at least do it, so...

Labor Day weekend included a day-trip to
Tallulah Gorge State Park

in Northeastern GA

The weekend of Cheryl's birthday, we drove up to
Unicoi State Park & Anna Ruby Falls
near Helen, GA.

Thanksgiving at my niece Beth's
(and meeting baby Henry)

Cheryl's mom's birthday is in early December.  We went to dinner where we also saw Cheryl's nephew again for the first time since we got married!  (I guess we we've been busy!)  I didn't get a good picture of her mom, but here's her nephew...

Pointing to his nose.

With his mom, outside.

Playing peek-a-boo
under the table.

Also in early December are Wade's and Jennifer's birthday -- Yep, husband and wife that share the same birthday.  For the benefit of the kids, they also had a pull-string (not whack) Piņata...

Jennifer & Wade

Kids & Piņata

And wrapping up 2004...
The Holidays

Me and Cheryl at Michael & Sheila's annual Christmas party
Nope, this isn't the greatest picture, but it's our first Christmas married, so we have to include one "gift" picture.  We decided to open presents in the morning before we showered or anything, so here's the best looking picture (there were more gifts).  By the way, this clock-radio is awesome.  I think it sounds better than the Bose "wave" radios.  It's a Cambridge Soundworks model 740.  You would never expect such rich sound out of a table radio this size. 
Cheryl getting ready to start cooking her first turkey dinner.  Sure, she's smiling for the camera, but the look on her face wasn't exactly a smile when she had to stick her hand inside the turkey to clean it out.  (You had to be there. ;-)
Me carving not only my first turkey since we got married, but my first turkey ever.  Yeah, I was a turkey virgin.  How did I make it to 42 without ever doing this before?!
Cheryl and her mom, just before we started eating.
Me and Cheryl before going out on New Year's Eve.

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