Tallulah Gorge State Park
Labor Day 2004

Over 5 months had passed since the accident, and I was going nuts, not having hiked at all, so Labor Day weekend became the big "test".  We took it slowly, didn't hike to the gorge floor or anything like that...and I didn't do too bad!  I think we walked about 2 miles, and wend down and up a lot of stairs.  Okay, so that was nothing compared to the "real" hiking we like to do, and it required periodic stops to rest, but after being unable to barely walk right for so long, I still felt like I had really accomplished something.  Sure, the ankle swelled up -- expected for up to a year -- but it only took a day to recover, and getting out and hiking was well worth it.  FINALLY some fun, exercise, and the great outdoors, if only in short stints....plus exercising the ankle, at this point, was really good for it as long as care is taken to not reinjure it (no twisting!).

[Click on any of the thumbnail images to view 4x blow-up] 

There aren't a lot of pictures, because, well, we didn't hike a whole lot, plus there really aren't a lot of trails there anyway.

Looking down into the gorge from the first vantage point.
Me, at that same location.
Me, at the beginning of the foot-bridge across the gorge, after walking down quite a few steps.
Quite a bit upstream from that bridge, Cheryl, showing off her FSU Seminoles shirt (one of many).
This is taken from where Cheryl is standing.  If you click on it to see the 4x blow-up, you can see the foot bridge (above) in the distance.
Here's some interesting trivia.  At one point, the Chattahoochee river (which goes through Atlanta) was a much larger river up north than it is today, but another, younger river (Tallulah), effectively cut it off from much of its source (Chattooga), leaving it in today's state of it being quite tiny up north where it now more or less starts, near Helen, GA.

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