Unicoi State Park
Anna Ruby Falls (USFS)

It's been a month and a half since the last tried out my ankle and fee hiking, and we're both overdue for some outside activity, so the weekend of Cheryl's birthday, we drove up to Unicoi State Park (near Helen, GA) and Anna Ruby Falls, which is adjacent to the park, but part of USFS land.  Ironically, my feet hurt more when I first got out of the car, after being off of them for so long, than after our hike (though those were still pretty short).  But you're not here to hear about my feet, are you.  Sorry.  On to the pictures . . .

[Click on any of the thumbnail images to view 4x blow-up] 

Just in case my ankle started bothering me, we went to see the falls first -- the main reason we drove up there.  This is Cheryl at the bottom of the path up to the falls, once again sporting a FSU shirt (see Tallulah Gorge pictures).
The falls.  I don't think they look as high in this picture as they really are.
There's a much shorter secondary fall next to the big one.  That's what is behind Cheryl.
A better picture of the smaller fall, with a rainbow in the mist at the bottom.
Us, with the big fall behind us....and that darn bulky camera case on my belt.
A glimpse of the river (more like a creek, I suppose), with the vegitation showing off the beginning of the fall colors.
More of the river.
Okay, we're back from the falls, and about to walk around the lake in Unicoi.  It's only 2.5 miles around, and my feet and ankle are feeling  up to it.  :-)
A glimpse of the lake through the trees.
Some cool reflections behind the trees (they looked better in person).
Cheryl wondering why I was falling behind....To get out the camera and take a picture of her, that's why.
More reflections in the water.
And more reflections, showing more of the colors as fall is just starting to kick in.
  These cabins are a little weird looking, aren't they?  Okay, let's call them "unique" looking.  I think someone got the term "log cabin" mixed up, and created cabins that look like giant logs, rather than creating cabins made of logs.  D'OH!

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