Thanksgiving, 2004

This year's Thanksgiving was also the first time we got to meat my niece Beth's (and her husband Todd's, obviously) baby, Henry.  Due to the accident I was in back in March, I couldn't travel well when he was born in June, and then we had the expenses and business of having a new house, not to mention Cheryl got a new job and had no time off work...So that meant waiting for Thanksgiving to get up there to see everyone.

[Click on any of the thumbnail images to view 4x blow-up] 

Can you tell I was focused on Henry? 
Believe me when I say I narrowed down these from a lot more pictures!

Henry's favorite toy -- a wooden spoon.
"You can lick it, teeth on it, bang it on things...
What's not to like!"
"Here, you want to play with my spoon?"
Yep, Henry is one happy baby!
Me with Henry
Cheryl with Henry
Great Grandma (my mom) with Henry
(and yes, that make me a "grand uncle")
Henry with his mom (Beth)
"Hmmm...I think I'll see what it's like to have a silver spoon!"
My brother Mike with Henry
Henry on Grandpa (Todd's dad)
Mmmm.  This table tastes like my spoon, but I can't seem to get it in my mouth
Henry enjoying Daddy playing the ukulele.
Also, a video of this.
Play time, the following day....and see what I mean?  Forget those other toys on the floor, just give him a spoon and he's happy.
Serious Henry.

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