Cheryl and Frank's Wedding

The Event
The Event





Wedding Photos

Wedding Pictures

We've made all of the photographs we've received available to you on this site for you to view and/or print.  I've separated them out into two categories:


Photos from Guests and the Disposable Table Cameras

To view the pictures,
click here

Printing / Ordering Options:

Let Frank know the file name(s) (listed below each picture) and he can either:

  • Make the full-resolution image(s) available for you to download and print or take to your favorite photo printing store.

  • Get prints made from the negatives and snail-mail them to you.

Photos taken by the Professional Photographer

To view the pictures, click here

Printing / Ordering Options:

Option 1 - Order prints from the photographer:

His contact information is at:
He will need to know the image name shown next to each picture you want (example: IMG_0001.JPG) and the desired sizes.  He can do any sort of special cropping, special effects, as well as any odd sizes you may want.  Contact him for pricing.

Option 2 - Order prints directly from

All 300 pictures are available for purchase at by simply choosing the one(s) you want -- as many as you want.  You simply pay by credit-card and they'll show up at your home in less than a week.

The wedding pictures are in a shared "album" located at:

Benefits of

  • Good quality pictures

  • Kodak premium paper

  • Very reasonable prices (29 cents or less per 4x6 print, depending on quantity and any special offers they have running

  • Wallet size prints available in sheets of 4 (most other places have sheets of 8)

  • Reasonably fast delivery

Drawbacks of using

  • The image files I've uploaded, although OFoto says they're sufficient for 8x10s, I believe might not be.  Because I had so many to upload, they're not saved with the greatest resolution.  They are definitely good enough for 5x7, and possibly 8x10, but if you want an 8x10 or larger, I suggest either going through the photographer (above) or contacting Frank to get a higher-resolution file for the print(s) you want that large.

  • The aspect ratio of the images is perfect for 4x6 prints and 2x3 wallets, but not for larger, meaning there will be some cropping.  If you want control over how the pictures are cropped,  suggest either going through the photographer (above) or downloading the image from THIS web site and taking it to your local photo store where you can see what you're going to get before you get it.

  • OFoto's wallet size prints are 2x3, which is slightly smaller than wallet sizes you may get elsewhere.

Option 3 - Download them yourself:

Follow the instructions next to each picture and click on the larger image to view and download a much larger image suitable for printing.  Just make sure you grab the files starting with "m", not "s". (The "s" files are too low quality to print well.)

Then you can either:

  • Upload them back on-line to one of many photo processing companies that will print them and mail them direclty to you....or in some cases you can pick them up locally.  If you choose this method, I recommend Wolf/Ritz camera (same company) at or  (They both can do any standard size from wallet to 8x10, and will also do all the way up to 20x30.)

  • Copy the image file(s) to floppy disk(s), a CD or "Flash" memory and take them to your favorite photo store for printing.

  • Print the images yourself if you have the equipment to do so.

NOTE: For Option 2, if you want the original, ultra-high resolution file to make a very large print, contact Frank with the file name(s) and he can make them available.  Since it is unlikely that anyone will need these files, and since they are huge and will "waste" a lot of server space, they're not already available on this web server.

Option 4 - Have us get the prints for you:

This will be the slowest method, especially if we get a lot of requests, but we can do this and send them to you for what it would cost you to do Option 2.  If this is what you want to do, contact us with the name of each picture you want a print of (i.e. IMG_0001.JPG) and the size of each -- limited to 4x6 or 5x7.