Frank & Cheryl's Wedding Shower
Frank's Office

Just before taking off to get married, my department threw a little wedding shower/party for Cheryl and me.  Here are some pictures they took during the shower:

The cake they had for us. 100_0041L.JPG
Cheryl and me as we walked into the room (a conference / class room) 100_0043L.JPG
My boss, Kevin, asking us something...probably how we met. (Thank you!) 100_0044L.JPG
Cheryl opening our gift (card and gift certificate). 100_0047L.JPG
Cheryl and I cutting the cake -- a practice session for the upcoming "real" cake-cutting at the reception. 100_0050L.JPG
They insisted we did the traditional feeding each other pieces of cake... 100_0051L.JPG we stuck it in each other's mouths, and.... 100_0052L.JPG
...Cheryl put her finger across the cake, so I ended up biting her finger, thus the laughter.

I guess it's a good thing we got to practice for the real cake!

Most everyone from my department (we've had a few recent additions since this photo). 100_0048L.JPG

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