Miscellaneous Photos from '03

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Steve's & Michael's Birthdays  2003 started out with a surprise party for Steve's & Michael's birthdays.
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My mom's 80th birthday was in March.  I flew home to surprise her.  She thought she was going to dinner with only my niece and my niece's husband, but my brother, sister-in-law and I showed up too.   Since I had just talked to her by phone (my cell phone) about 45 minutes before dinner, she had a look of 50% surprise and 50% confusion on her face when she saw me.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the camera ready.  (click on pictures for larger images)

MomRestaurant.jpg MomCandles.jpg BethCake.jpg
The waitress brought my mom a piece if tiramisu with a couple of candles on it. Back at home, we had a "real" cake that my niece made -- complete with a firefighter's nightmare amount of candles.  No, not 80, but about 20 arranged to spell "80"....but once lit, it was one huge flame.  I guess mom's getting too old for candles. I'm not sure if my niece was about to knight the cake or cut it, but eventually we all got a piece of it.  Yum.

For the past several years, my church, Peachtree Road United Methodist Church, has had a mission trip to help children and orphans in the Republic of Georgia.  I really wanted to go, but I couldn't schedule it in with work this year.  I'm planning on going next year, however.  This year, I've just helped them out on this end with some miscellaneous things like packing donated items (pics below) and doing their web site, www.prumcmissions.org, including updating it with news and pictures as they send them to me.  Their trip is 5/29 - 6/14.

2003-0402.jpg 2003-0401.jpg 2003-0404.jpg

Meet Cheryl.  I met her on March 20th, and have been having a wonderful time doing things with her ever since.  She is smart, fun, funny, sweet...all around terriffic.

2003-0410.jpg 2003-0412.jpg 2003-0414.jpg
Cheryl at the Annual Dogwood Festival in Piedmont Park. A "sellf-portrait" of her and I (I'm holding the camera and pointing it...thus the sort of odd camera angle. At LaGrotta, an excellent & very nice, Italian resteraunt, one month after we met.

Sweetwater Creek State Park  April showers brought...
 A little hiking at Sweetwater Creek State Park
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Music Midtown 2003  Fun, and a lot of great music at the annual "Music Midtown" Festival
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Habitat For Humanity  Working on a Habitat for Humanity House
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For Memorial Day weekend, Cheryl and I went to Hilton Head, SC.  I'd never been there before, but she had, and she knew some fun places to go.  The beach was beautiful, the hotel (Crowne Plaza) was excellent, the food was fantastic, the entertainment (musicians outdoors near various restaurants) was fun, and of course the company was wonderful.  Unfortunately, I didn't get many pictures -- I was enjoying myself so much I wasn't thinking much about snapping pictures.

The last day (Monday morning), I wish I had the camera with me on the beach.  We went for a walk, and there was an entire school of Dolphins swimming just off shore -- and I mean just -- as in maybe 100 feet at the most.  One even swam between a guy floating on an inner tube and the shore!  We more-or-less went for a "walk" with them, as they were swimming at roughly the same pace we were walking, for a good 1/2 mile or more.  Very cool

2003-0570.jpg 2003-0576.jpg

Cheryl, watching an entertainer (a guy on a guitar) as we waited to be seated for dinner one evening.

The view from our room.  No, you can't see the beach, just a slighly obstructed view of the pool.

Amicalola Falls State Park  May ended with a little more hiking, this time at Amicalola Falls State Park
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 A few weeks later, in June, even more 
 hiking, this time at Cloudland Canyon State Park
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July is usually a busy month, and 2003 is no different...

4th of July I didn't take any pictures on the 3rd at Kennisaw's fireworks, but here are some taken on the 4th at Atlanta's fireworks at Lenox Mall.

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Natasha's Wedding

Two days later, my niece Natasha got married.
Bill's Birthday Five days after that was the 40th birthday of a friend, Bill, who had a party at "Andretti Speed Labs".

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Summer Party The very next day was my Almost-Annual Summer / Miscellaneous July Birthdays party.

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Jamaica Vacation One week later was my vacation with Cheryl at Sandals in Negril, Jamaica.

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Tonic & Hootie and the Blowfish free concert at Centennial Olympic Park

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Smokey Mountains Camping in the Smoky Mountains over Labor Day Weekend

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Deb's Wedding! My friend Deb's wedding in Park City, Utah, 
Saturday September 6, 2003.

What fantastic things October brought!
Yeah, okay, so the Cubs were in the playoffs and Da Arnold 
became governator of Gaulifornyuh, but more importantly...

Cheryl and I after her birthday dinner. Cheryl had her birthday...
(her, me, her mom, her sister and her brother-in-law went to dinner)
...and the very next day was...
Cheryl & I got engaged! E-Day.  That's Engagement Day!

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Okay, so this is has nothing to do with anything...I was driving out of my condo complex and noticed this pine cone sitting up on its end.  It almost seemed to defy gravity by not falling over.  I happened to have my camera in the car, so I took a picture of it.

Wrapping up 2003 are the holidays.
(Thanksgiving through New Year's Eve)


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