Bill's 40th Birthday
at Andretti Speed Labs

A friend from church had his 40th birthday the day before my 41st.  His wife threw him a party at Andretti Speed Labs, an indoor go-kart track with fast go-karts.  You don't actually race against each other.  You're started out with gaps spacing people out, and then everyone races the clock for the best time.

[Click on any of the thumbnail images to view blow-up]

2003-0730.jpg Bill, Carl, Wade, Jennifer and me, signing up for the "big race".
2003-0731.jpg Jennifer modeling her sexy green helmet while Wade puts his on.
2003-0734.jpg Ready.......GO!
2003-0735.jpg Frank (hey, that's me!) passing Wade on the inside before turn one.
2003-0736.jpg There goes Bill the birthday year old over the hill old fart!  (I can say that because I'm 41.)
2003-0737.jpg Here comes Carl.
2003-0738.jpg Frank (hey, that's me) sneaking up behind and about to pass Carl.
2003-0739.jpg Bill again.  Hey, where's everyone else?
2003-0740.jpg There goes Wade.
2003-0741.jpg The checkered flag -- time to take a victory lap.
2003-0742.jpg Victory!
2003-0743.jpg Yes, Frank (hey, that's me!) won.  I lapped everyone at least once, some twice, and my best lap was almost 5 seconds faster than the next best person's fastest lap.  Yippie!

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