4th Of July

July started out with a bang.  (Sorry...it sounded funnier in my head.)  We went to two fireworks displays )one on the 3rd in Kennisaw and one on the 4th in Atlanta), but only brought the camera to the latter one.  This was my first fireworks experiment with my new digital camera.

Before the fireworks started, there was a fly-over by some Blackhawk helicopters, and a new Delta 777.  (For those of you not from Atlanta, Delta is based here and they sponsored the fireworks.)  And no, the 777's flyover wasn't at 30,000 feet.  It was more like 1500 feet!

[Click on any of the thumbnail images to view blow-up]

2003-0702.jpg 2003-0703.jpg 2003-0704.jpg 2003-0705.jpg
2003-0708.jpg 2003-0710.jpg 2003-0711.jpg 2003-0712.jpg
2003-0713.jpg 2003-0714.jpg 2003-0716.jpg 2003-0717.jpg
2003-0719.jpg 2003-0720.jpg 2003-0723.jpg 2003-0724.jpg

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