Sandals Negril, Jamaica

Cheryl and I took a wonderfully relaxing vacation to Jamaica in mid July.  We stayed at Sandals Negril -- an all-inclusive resort.  Yes, I know this page takes a long time to load, but hey, we had a great time and took a lot of pictures.

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Cheryl and I at dinner the first night there.  They had absolutely  wonderful grilled lobster as well as other seafood that night.

m2003-07Jamaica001F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica002F.jpg

A couple of shots of the beach.  I couldn't decide which I liked better, so here are two that are nearly identical.

m2003-07Jamaica007F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica008F.jpg

The diving boat.  We didn't take diving lessons, but they were offered.


The wedding gazebo.  Several couples got married there each day.


A couple more shots of the beach.

m2003-07Jamaica012F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica013F.jpg

Looking toward the main part of Negril -- the land that is sticking out to the right.


A view of part of Sandals' property from the top of the stairs in our building 


Pizzazz and Jazz -- a couple of friendly, talkative parrots.


Cheryl and me...somewhere...I think waiting to be seated at their Japanese restaurant, and then playing pool after dinner.

m2003-07Jamaica022F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica025F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica027F.jpg

They had a beach party one night.  This guy did the limbo under a flaming bar, then hopped around on his hands, then later "ate" fire.

m2003-07Jamaica028F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica029F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica030F.jpg
m2003-07Jamaica031F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica032F.jpg

After the limbo, they had games that probably about 30 or so guests participated in.  Cheryl was still in her dress from dinner, but it wasn't any handycap -- she did great (as did I, of course).


After the beach, it was off to the disco for a little dancing (very little -- it really didn't attract a dance crowd),  followed by Karaoke, where I did "Mustang Sally".

m2003-07Jamaica044F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica050F.jpg

The view from our room.  Unfortunately, our room backed up pretty close to the street -- my only complaint about the place (road noise at night).


One of the days we went snorkeling at a nearby reef...

m2003-07Jamaica065S.jpg m2003-07Jamaica066S.jpg

The very first picture, if you click and look at the larger version, is of a stingray.  In most of these underwater pics, you'll see fish if you click to view the enlarged image.

m2003-07Jamaica057S.jpg m2003-07Jamaica059S.jpg m2003-07Jamaica062S.jpg

The reef had a lot of fish and large sea urchins, but it wasn't very colorful at all.  It was huge, but pretty dead and colorless, probably due to all of the "traffic" it gets.

m2003-07Jamaica063S.jpg m2003-07Jamaica064S.jpg m2003-07Jamaica067S.jpg

About the only color in the reef (aside from blue and yellow fish), were some purple fans.

m2003-07Jamaica070S.jpg m2003-07Jamaica072S.jpg m2003-07Jamaica077S.jpg

Some yellow fish, and in the last one, a school of needle-nose fish swimming right at the surface of the water.

m2003-07Jamaica078S.jpg m2003-07Jamaica080S.jpg m2003-07Jamaica081S.jpg

One last picture of the reef and a purple fan.  Okay, that's all of the snorkeling pictures.


We took out a Hobie-Cat (small catamaran) just about every day.  This is me one of the days.


One night, Cheryl and I walked down to Beaches (owned by Sandals so we could use their facility, too) and had dinner in their Italian restaurant.

m2003-07Jamaica083F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica089F.jpg

The next day we took a taxi to the famous Rick's Cafe, where there's a great view of the sunset and...


...crazy people who cliff dive.  Some are tourists.  Some, like this guy, do it for tips...and he does it from way up in a tree above the cliff...

m2003-07Jamaica095F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica098C.jpg

...For $15 (they take a collection), he'll dive from the tree.  Here he is in the tree...standing...doing arm-only push-ups in the tree....

m2003-07Jamaica097F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica099C.jpg

...then jumping.  Yes, he's in both of these pictures as he dives.

m2003-07Jamaica101C.jpg m2003-07Jamaica102F.jpg

Here's a video of this guy doing push-ups, then jumping from the tree...and a bunch of other people diving from the cliff.

Don't bother trying to stream it if you've only got a dial-up connection...Download it instead.

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Me and Cheryl at Rick's, and a lighthouse visible from there.

m2003-07Jamaica106C.jpg m2003-07Jamaica108F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica111F.jpg

More of Rick's...

m2003-07Jamaica112C.jpg m2003-07Jamaica116F.jpg

...and more...

m2003-07Jamaica113C.jpg m2003-07Jamaica118F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica121C.jpg

and more.

m2003-07Jamaica120F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica129F.jpg

Cheryl and I, waiting to be called for dinner seating, the evening after we got back from Ricks...

m2003-07Jamaica131F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica132F.jpg

Cheryl at dinner.  That evening we ate at another of the restaurants Sandals had on the property.  "Jamasian" -- Combination Jamaican and Asian.  The food was excellent.  (We tended to not go to the big buffet-style dining area.)


Behind me, on the rocks of a rock garden / waterfall, just inside the restaurant, was a crab.   I wonder if he's just out for a stroll or had escaped from the kitchen!


Cheryl floating in the main pool one afternoon.

m2003-07Jamaica139F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica140F.jpg


One of the hobie's we took out.  No, we're not on this one; we're taking the pictures.

Also, a para-sail is in the background of the first picture in this group.  We did that one day and it was fantastic!

m2003-07Jamaica144F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica146F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica159F.jpg


When we went para-sailing, unlike everyone else that they pulled back into the boat, they dropped us right on the beach in 2 ft. of water, right next to this boat.  Suddenly several guys came running toward us.  We thought, "Huh?  We're fine."  Then we realized they were't running for us, the were running to save the para-sail which was starting to get tangled in this boat.  Oops!  They didn't do that again!


Cheryl and I at the beach grill around lunch time.

m2003-07Jamaica148F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica149F.jpg


I don't know why someone would find this fun, but they had it at the Beaches resort next door, and one day someone did have it out in the water.



The beach there is several miles long, though only a short section of it is part of Sandals.

One day we walked way down the beach -- well over a mile, I'm sure.  It was really nice and hardly anybody was around...but we did find one lady to take our picture.

And I had to play on the tree.

The last picture in this group is facing back toward Sandals.  You can barely see it -- it's just before the land goes out to the left.

m2003-07Jamaica153F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica156F.jpg
m2003-07Jamaica155F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica157F.jpg


Another crab.  Cheryl noticed this little bugger hiding under a walkway leading from the beach up to the main dining area.


Me playing volleyball in the main pool.

m2003-07Jamaica162F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica163F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica164F.jpg


Cheryl and I in a little garden area, another night before we went back to the very yummy Japanese restaurant.

m2003-07Jamaica167F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica168F.jpg
m2003-07Jamaica169F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica173F.jpg


Ummmmm....just a picture of the main stage where they had entertainment.  This is just some people dancing to the band.


This picture was on a wall in an outdoor walkway near our rooms.  With the wall's texture, it looked pretty cool, and it looks sort of like Cheryl is part of the painting.


The day before we left, we took a side trip -- tubing down a river about an hour or so away.


Cheryl and I, taking out a hobie-cat, late one afternoon.


No, not me playing volleyball again.  Look closer.  I'm floating under the Sandals sign.

m2003-07Jamaica183F.jpg I am...with the swim-up bar in the background.


It generally rained once a day, but not for long.  Here's the rain moving in.


Looking down the beach on Sandals' property.


I thought this looked cool.  It's just a shot from the beach.


Jazz...again.  He liked to sit outside of the cage.

m2003-07Jamaica197F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica200F.jpg

Pizzazz is a bit more shy, usually staying up near the top of the cage.



Our last dinner there...back in the other "Jamasian" restaurant.  In the middle picture you can see the rocks and waterfall where that crab was a couple of nights earlier.

m2003-07Jamaica205F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica206F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica209F.jpg


As part of that restaurant, there were tables on the beach -- very romantic, but they were only for people who got married there or bought a special package.



Us having,, I think it was three last drinks while waiting for the van to the airport....A drink or two too many for the 90 minute ride, testing Cheryl's bladder.  We got to the airport none too soon. ;-)

m2003-07Jamaica215F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica218F.jpg


Cheryl waiting for me while I went to one of the bars to get our last drinks.

m2003-07Jamaica220F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica221F.jpg


Pictures taken from the van, along the road to the airport in Montego bay.

I'm amazed how clear these came out considering we were doing about 50 MPH.

m2003-07Jamaica224F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica225F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica228F.jpg

Cheryl was somewhat amazed with how there was livestock grazing next to the road with no fences.  Here's one...with an egret nearby.

m2003-07Jamaica231F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica232F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica235F.jpg

Getting closer to Montego Bay's airport.  Does Cheryl look "full"?  Poor Cheryl.  At least the ride wasn't bumpy!

m2003-07Jamaica236F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica237F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica238F.jpg

More cows...and goats on the right.

m2003-07Jamaica240F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica243F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica246F.jpg

I guess this is the end.

Sadly, we had to get on a plane and come back home.

m2003-07Jamaica247F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica248F.jpg m2003-07Jamaica255F.jpg


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