Miscellaneous Photos from '99

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During the last couple months of 1998 I started getting into Swing Dancing.  Yes, that's right.  It is a lot of fun, great exercise and I've met a bunch of people doing it.  There are a few clubs in Atlanta that do it; one of them has it 6 nights a week.  That club also has free beginner lessons each night.  I started out going with my friend Melanie, but once I got good I soon found a lot of other people to dance with.  Recently, a fairly large group of people from my church has started going regularly too.  This is how I met my now closest friend, Kathy. . .

Meet Kathy, my closest friend.  She goes to my church.  She has become my favorite swing dance partner by far, and she is probably the most wonderful person you could meet -- a nice bonus.  I absolutely love dancing with her.  Unfortunately, around mid-January, just after we were getting really good together, she was in a bad car wreck.  Her little Civic was T-boned in the driver's door by a big sport-utility vehicle.  She was hurt pretty bad, but nothing was broken (thank God).

If you're interested in more about Kathy's car wreck and her recovery over many months, click here.

I guess these next few photos of me Swing Dancing are technically out of chronological order since they were taken after the ski trip (below), but since I was on the subject, I figured I'd stick them in here.  Kathy and I have a lot of swing moves down and now we are trying to learn some Lindy Hop moves (a lot more hopping and kicking -- very cool stuff -- but not good to do until she is fully healed).  I guess a movie clip would be more appropriate, but you're stuck with low-tech so try to imagine the music and the motion:

Click here for more swing dancing photos, including a pretty cool animated GIF...

Every year my church has a single's ski trip to Snowshoe Mountain West Virginia over President's Day weekend.  This year I finally went on the trip...

Snowshoe Mountain Ski Trip

Here's a couple of sort of random photos of friends taken outside of my church (no particular event):

Laura, Jennifer, and Kathy:

Jennifer and Matt:

Atlanta has had a festival in midtown the last four years called Music Midtown.  This year it was moved to what is more downtown (near Centennial Olympic Park) because it outgrew its last site.  It wasn't as good as previous years because it was almost too big.  It was a long walk between each of the various (6?) stages) and it was all on pavement instead of on grass like years past.  Nevertheless, it was still fun, and the weather was perfect...

1999 Music Midtown Festival

Every year my church has a beach trip for single adults.  This year it was in Destin, Florida...

1999 Beach Trip

I went to Chicago in late June for one day of work, to hang out with friends, and to attend my niece Rebecca's wedding...

Chicago Trip / Wedding

My friend Kathy was in two plays this summer, plus she was in a little skit for children at our church.  (She loves kids.) Since she doesn't have a web site of her own, I've created pages here on my site for her local and her out of town friends to view...and anyone else that is interested.  Check them out!

The first play she was in was a community theater play, "Pure as the Driven Snow", held July 10, 17 and 24.

The second play she was in was "Our Town", held in Atlanta at the Woodruff Arts Center August 18, 20 and 22.

Last (so far) is the childrens' skit she was in at our church, August 22.

There were a couple of fun parties this Halloween.  Both were benefits for local charities; one for Buckhead Christian Ministries and the other for Next Exit inner-city youth...

Halloween party sponsored by friends from church

Roaring 20s Theme party (you had to be in 20's dress to enter)

Here a couple more semi random photos....

My friend Dave from work just left the company to go work for what sounds like a really cool startup company up in Pittsburgh.  Several of us took him out for some drinks after work on his last day.  I only got to stay long enough for 1/2 a beer because I needed to get to a chiropractor appointment, and then in the rush to leave, I forgot to pay for my beer.  How embarrassing that was!  Oops.  Anyhow, best wishes to my friend Dave with his new job...

Dave & I:
 Bindu Dave & Jim:

My church frequently sponsors Habitat For Humanity homes.  I've worked on them 4 or 5 times now.  It's always a very rewarding experience, and it's a great way to help out people in need as well as have a little positive effect on the neighborhoods the homes are built in.  I finally remembered to bring a camera to the work site.  This is the state of the house on the fourth weekend.  Most of the workers are inside painting, but there's still some outside work being done too:
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Finally, to end the year, Christmas pictures.

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