Snowshoe Mountain Ski Trip

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Every year my church has a single's ski trip to Snowshoe Mountain West Virginia over President's Day weekend.  The trip was a lot of fun, although we didn't get as much skiing in as we probably could have.  We had some late nights, so early morning skiing was out.  That was okay though since I hadn't been skiing in 5 years and a half day at a time wore me out just plenty...

This is just a view from the top of the mountain.  It looked much more impressive in person.  Oh well.  So much for a Kodak moment:

This is looking down one of the slopes from the top.  Most of the slopes were curvier, but this one gave a good view of entire slope and a feeling for the distance.  Not exactly a Colorado slope, but it sure beet Wisconsin where all of my previous skiing was done:

One of the snow-making machines:

Kathy snowplowing her way down a slope.

Me (on the left) after zipping around backwards, waiting for Kathy (center) to come skiing by:

Jeff posing (and apparently almost getting knocked down by another person):

Kathy and Teresa after a day of skiing:

One morning when Kathy came by on her way to the slopes she noticed that there were some deer outside our condo.  This is Kathy on our balcony with the deer in the background.  The expert photo taker is me.  (I forgot to let the camera set its exposure for Kathy before pointing at the light background where the deer are.)  Oh, so you have to squint a with it!

A more zoomed in picture of the same deer:

And one with better exposure:

Bobby & Kristi (just friends) after dinner one night...Or was it before dinner...Do they look hungry?  Okay, after...I think...No, before:

Me, Kathy, Beth, and Jay P before dinner Saturday night:

Jeff, Kathy, and Britton:

One of the nights I made lasagne (yes, from scratch) for everyone.  I ran a little low on the sauce so it was a little dry, but nobody complained and it was gone in no time.  That is Melanie next to me (no, not the same Melanie I dated back in '97):

Richard, Christy and yours truly:

Kathy and me (duh, like you couldn't figure this on out on your own):

Melanie and Warren (just friends):

Richard, Troy, Kristi, Debbie's back, and what looks like Bobby's hand:

Okay, here we all are...almost.  Jay P and his girlfriend had already left to go back to Atlanta, but everyone else is in this one...From back to front, left to right...
     Troy, Teresa, Kristi, Jeff, Britton,
     Me, Melanie, Warren, Christy, Bobbie, Debbie,
     Richard, Kathy and Dan

One of the afternoons a big group of us went tubing.  Here's a few of us (Teresa, Kathy, me, and Jeff):

We were allowed to tie up to 4 tubes together. Wth the additional weight and momentum you could go much faster.  Here's the 4 of us (center) nearing the end of the run:

On the rid back I decided to try putting the camera on the dash and using its timer.  So, here's the four of us that rode together in my car (Teresa, Kathy, Jeff, and your's truly):

I couldn't resist this one.  It didn't turn out as good as I hoped because I didn't take it quick enough.  Kathy was singing in the back,  make that performing in the back seat.  The picture missed the entertaining hand gestures.  I guess you had to be there to appreciate the drama.  Anyhow, it was a fun 9.5 hour ride back.

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