This is just a little skit that the Drama Ministry at our church put on for some of the kids.  It was only about 10 minutes long, but I decided to tape it anyway.  Everyone in it happens to be a friend of mine.  In fact, I've known the others from my Sunday School class longer than I've known Kathy.

The skit was a present-time rendition of the Bible story about the talents (Matthew 25:15).  Kathy was the CEO of a company.  Sheila was an accountant.  Nancy was a construction worker, and Lori Anne was a farmer.

Please excuse the picture quality.  These were taken from a video, not from snapshots...

Left to right, Sheila, Nancy, Lori Anne, and Kathy:


I guess they were all doing some work here.  I don't remember:


Just another shot of everyone:


"Yes!"  Lori Anne did well.  She multiplied her talents:


Sheila, on the other hand, was too nervous about the stock market and interest rates, so she just held on to hers:


The CEO was
not happy:


She was banished to that dark place far below...the mail room.  Ahhhhhhhh!


The end.
Again, Kathy, Sheila, Lori Anne, and Nancy: