1999 Music Midtown Festival

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Atlanta has had a festival in midtown the last four years called Music Midtown.  This year it was moved to what is more downtown (near Centennial Olympic Park) because it outgrew its last site.  It wasn't as good as previous years because it was almost too big.  It was a long walk between each of the various (6?) stages) and it was all on pavement instead of on grass like years past.  Also, the bands weren't as good this year, possibly because of another competing concert to be held about a month later.  Nevertheless, it was still fun, and the weather was perfect....

The usual crowd of friends I've been hanging out with lately.  We handed the camera to some stranger to take the picture, so please excuse the blurriness and the mystery person hunched over in the foreground.  From left to right is Melanie, Jennifer, Matt, Rob, Kathy, and of course, me:

A close up of Matt and Jennifer:

Matt and a few other fellow swing-dancers put on a little show on Sunday.  Originally they thought they were going to be either on stage with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy or as sort of a warm-up act while BBVD set up, but as it turned out they were just in the street near some of the vendors.  Anyhow, this is Matt and Sam:

Okay, this is a pretty cool shot.  Kathy, Rob and I were really close to the front for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.  Matt and Jennifer got there late because of Matt's dancing (above) which overlapped with the beginning of BBVD.  Anyhow, they thought they were up pretty close too, but as it turns out, they were pretty far behind us.  So, what makes this a cool shot? Well, I had Kathy on my shoulders pretty much the entire time BBVD was on the stage.  I had asked Matt and Jennifer if they saw us.  They said no, but in this picture they took, you can pick out Kathy right away - way up front from where they were.  I, of course, am directly below Kathy - literally - since she was on my shoulders.  Click on the picture to view a larger one where you can see us (okay, not "us", but Kathy) above the crowd.  (Well, I think it's pretty cool, especially considering there were 10s of thousands of people in the audience):

As the final evening wound down, we got one last group shot.  Unfortunately it turned out pretty dark.  From left to right is me and Kathy in the back, and Jennifer, Matt, Rob and Melanie across the front:

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