Halloween Party / Fundraiser

The first of two parties this year was a party / benefit sponsored by a group of friends from my church for Buckhead Christian Ministries.  It was at a pretty cool location, particularly for the halloween mood.  It was held at The Atlanta Brewing Company.  They apparently rent out space for parties.  Of course, they also provide beer (their own labels).  The main area, where the DJ and dancing was, was in the back bottling part of the factory.  There were pallets upon pallets of beer, and the bottling machines looped around one of the areas.  And of course it was dark and sort of dingy...perfect for Halloween.

I didn't get a lot of pictures, but there were a lot of great costumes there.  Also, unfortunately, there was (is?) something wrong with my camera that caused it to scratch the film!  Oh well.  The party as a total blast.  Lots of dancing (almost no swing, however) and lots of laughs.

Okay, it's time for the pictures...Click on them to load a larger image.


Batman (Frank - no, not me) and Snow White (Debbie).  Later, Batman teamed up with another guy dressed as Robin Hood, entered the costume competition as Batman & Robin...and WON!

Me (just your run of the mill gangster) w/ a couple of ultra-hot flappers:

One of James Bond's women -- Octapussy, to be exact. (Her real name is Christy.)

Of course, I had to get a shot of me with Christy.




Austin Powers (Eric) & Zena Warrior Princess? (Laura)

Just some people dancing.

Medusa & Pocahontas.

I don't know either of these two, but I'd guess I'd have to call the woman the Nieman Marcus Bag Lady because her skirt was made from Nieman Marcus bags.

The nerdiest guy I've ever seen, right down to a "kick me" sign on his back.

A Bishop and...a comet (or as some not so astute person thought, a flaming moon).  There was one big drawback to this costume.  He had 6 feet of flame (made of wood) behind him, so every time he turned around people had to jump out of his way or they would end up getting whacked by him...and it hurt...trust me!


Okay, now this guy, Warren, would have won the contest, but he was a judge so he couldn't enter it.  Check it out.  When he walked around (backwards) it looked like he was just sitting up, comfortably riding along in his coffin.  You have to look at both pictures to get the full effect.  Very cool

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