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Unlike, 2005 which got off to a slow start, 2006 started out with an awesome, much needed vacation cruise on The Rock Boat, which didn't happen last October due to Katrina and her Waves of destruction (a little bad musical humor...sorry).
Related, a couple weeks later, we got to see one of The Rock Boat bands, Wideawake, at a local bar here in Atlanta.

February was a pretty dead month, but in March...

We painted our kitchen and put up new light fixtures...
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(Click here for a "before" shot on moving-in day.)

And we put in edging around the flower/shrubbery beds and tree in our front yard:
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Not much happened the first half of April, but the latter half was eventful...

Our Newest Niece On April 18th, Cheryl's sister gave us a new niece
Camping at Fort Mountain State Park (FortMountain/index.htm) The following weekend, we went camping at Fort Mountain State Park

No pictures from May, but here are some from June...

Before summer officially started, June has been very hot and very dry this year.

Because of the heat and other things, we haven't done much, but here are a few pictures from a state park we went to -- one we hadn't been to before: Hard Labor Creek State Park.

Just some trees Cheryl Creek (sans any hard laborers) Frank Bee

The park was pretty nice.  Although there are over 24 miles of trails, most are equestrian trails, with only about 2.5 miles of hiking trails, but that was fine.  It was pretty hot out anyway.  We had a mini-picnic and then went for a short 2.5 mile stroll, on which we didn't see anyone doing any hard labor in the creek.  ;-)  I couldn't decide between the two pictures of Cheryl (one taken with and one without a flash), so that's why there are two so similar, above.  The bee took a rest as we walked by and let me photograph it.


We're expecting!  Technically, this news was old news to us by July, but it was when we announced it to people.

July is also when Cheryl and I took a road-trip to Chicago for our vacation....and to pick up stuff my mom has been storing for me forever.

Finally, on the last day of July, we found out some other news:  It's a GIRL!  (The doctor gave us a "100% paint-back guarantee" of accuracy.)

August Remodeling

August was finally time to re-do our upstairs guest bathroom.
This time, I did all of the work myself -- my first time working with ceramic floor tile.

Bathroom view from door Bathroom view from tub New tile floor (pretty nice for a first-timer, eh?)

We left the tile around the tub because it was in good shape (though Cheryl
really doesn't like the color).  We stuck with the aquatic theme it had before,
but had to get rid of the old, icky, peeling wallpaper.  It's a new vanity top (just
repainted the vanity itself), new medicine cabinet, new light fixture, new floor,
and fresh paint everywhere.

(Click here for a "before" shot on moving-in day.)


September Party

Our annual "July" party was in September this year.  It worked out better weather-wise for sure!

Cheryl didn't realize the flash was off when she was taking pictures, so they all came out blurry.  Oh well.

Erin & Brianna Erin, Brianna & Michael Cathy, Connie and Shawn
Erin and Brianna Erin Brianna and Michael Cathy, Connie and Shawn

No pictures for October, but November was busy!

I was busy getting the baby's room ready (painting, carpeting, putting the crib & things together, etc.) while Cheryl was finding more things for us to buy for the baby...and she also had a couple baby showers, and in between, another party we went to, wrapping November up with Thanksgiving

Cheryl at her baby shower.

So not to bore you with a lot if pictures of Cheryl holding up gifts, here's just one picture from the shower her friend Cathy threw for her.


That very same day, right after the shower, her friend Cathy headed over to her friend Shawn's house to help him get ready for a party he was throwing for another friend, John, who had just retired from the reserves.

Shawn and his roommate.

This is Shawn.

people mingling more people mingling
This is John
(the Guest of Honor)
More people at the party Even more.  LOTS of people.
(Cathy is the one front & center)

A couple of days later, Cheryl got a surprise shower at her office...and she really was surprised.  She almost turned around and walked out of the conference room, thinking she walked in on someone else's party.  Here's just a few of the pictures they took:

presents A Confused Cheryl Cheryl wearing Tierra
Table-o-Gifts A Confused Cheryl Cheryl wearing the Tierra they made here wear. 

Wrapping up November was Thanksgiving, which was a small get together this year, at our house with Cheryl's mom, sister and her two kids...and the only pictures I took were of the kids, so here they are:

Ryan Maddie testing out our new high chair.
This is Ryan... ...and his baby sister, Maddie.
(Maddie is testing out the high-chair we bought for our upcoming baby.  She gave it two thumbs-up.)




December & The Holidays

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