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Honeymoon Pictures


We arrived on Maui early afternoon on the 20th and spent 5 nights there at the Westin on Kaanapali Beach.  It rained a couple of the days, which kept us indoors shopping and going to the Maui Ocean Center (aquarium), but we still had a great time while we were there, and we didn't want to leave to come back home. 

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Kihei and Lahaina Area...

Looking out from a look-out (a good thing to do when at a look-out) over Maalea Bay with part of Maui sticking out on the left, Molokini in the center and Kaho'olawe on the right. m2004-03-Honeymoon272.jpg
From the same location, but looking across toward Kihei. m2004-03-Honeymoon274.jpg
One night we ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. -- a place with a fun atmosphere and fantastic shrimp....and cocktails.


...and me.

If you need service, just flip over the sign to get one of the waiters to stop.

In Lahaina, there's a HUGE banyon tree.  This is cheryl and I in between some of the tree's drop-down roots. m2004-03-Honeymoon319.jpg
Cheryl, sitting on one of the branches m2004-03-Honeymoon320.jpg
Me sitting on one of the tree's many "trunks"...sort of...I guess they're really roots, with the trunk being what is at the center of the picture above. m2004-03-Honeymoon322.jpg
My sister Adrienne (who lives on Maui) with Cheryl one night, out at Hapa's bar where the radio station she works for sponsors a concert (Willie K.) every Monday night. m2004-03-Honeymoon328.jpg
Cheryl and me in our "Just Mauied" T-Shirts. m2004-03-Honeymoon329.jpg
A view from a pizza place of  Lahaina;s harbor area. m2004-03-Honeymoon332.jpg
Cheryl waiting for our pizza. m2004-03-Honeymoon331.jpg
A bird waiting for our pizza. m2004-03-Honeymoon333.jpg
Cheryl eating her pizza before the bird can get it. m2004-03-Honeymoon334.jpg
A whale!  Okay, so it's not exactly close-up like we lucked into on Kauai, but it's still pretty cool.  This was just a little ways off-shore just south of Lahaina.  We noticed it as we were driving along. m2004-03-Honeymoon335.jpg m2004-03-Honeymoon336.jpg
Looking across to Lanai at sunset, from inside Bubba Gump's in Lahaina... m2004-03-Honeymoon404.jpg
...and again... m2004-03-Honeymoon405.jpg
...and again. m2004-03-Honeymoon407.jpg
Us, again, at Bubba Gump's.  Yes, we really liked the food! m2004-03-Honeymoon414.jpg

South of Kihei...

The road that leads toward Kihea, Pi'ilani Highway, passes through a nature preserve.  I found this sign sort of humorous -- as if the birds could read. m2004-03-Honeymoon426.jpg
Hmmm....where is this?  I'm pretty sure this is Makena, but it might be part way between Wailea and Makena. m2004-03-Honeymoon415.jpg m2004-03-Honeymoon417.jpg
The road ends a little south of Makena.  At that point, you're pretty much in the middle of a huge ancient lava flow. m2004-03-Honeymoon423.jpg m2004-03-Honeymoon425.jpg m2004-03-Honeymoon420.jpg
Cheryl... m2004-03-Honeymoon421.jpg
...and me.  (But then, you probably had that much figured out.) m2004-03-Honeymoon422.jpg

Around the Westin Kaanapali...

Westin was gracious enough to give us a free upgrade to an ocean-view room because we were honeymooners.  This is the view from the room. m2004-03-Honeymoon275.jpg
Cheryl, out on our balcony. m2004-03-Honeymoon276.jpg
Cheryl on our sofa. m2004-03-Honeymoon368.jpg
Cheryl on the beach. m2004-03-Honeymoon372.jpg, not this time.  Flamingos in the pond located in the Westin's lobby. m2004-03-Honeymoon324.jpg
More of the pond and and of the waterfalls. m2004-03-Honeymoon327.jpg
Cheryl feeding a goose. m2004-03-Honeymoon365.jpg
Cheryl standing next to a waterfall m2004-03-Honeymoon384.jpg
Cheryl going behind the waterfall. m2004-03-Honeymoon386.jpg m2004-03-Honeymoon383.jpg m2004-03-Honeymoon387.jpg
Cheryl walking away from the waterfall. m2004-03-Honeymoon391.jpg
One of the parrots in the lobby area. m2004-03-Honeymoon395.jpg
Two more of them. m2004-03-Honeymoon392.jpg
The cockatoo... m2004-03-Honeymoon397.jpg
And more of the pond, looking toward the pool. m2004-03-Honeymoon398.jpg
Me, sliding down into the pool. m2004-03-Honeymoon382.jpg
Cheryl, after she slid down into the pool, losing her bracelet...but that's okay, it was "free" with the purchase of some t-shirts. m2004-03-Honeymoon401.jpg
Just some people -- some on mini surf boards -- a short stroll down Kaanapali beach from our hotel. m2004-03-Honeymoon374.jpg m2004-03-Honeymoon375.jpg m2004-03-Honeymoon376.jpg
Cheryl wondering why I was falling behind.  (Because I paused to take a picture of her.) m2004-03-Honeymoon377.jpg
Looking toward Lanai in the distance. m2004-03-Honeymoon379.jpg
Looking toward the mountains m2004-03-Honeymoon378.jpg
Looking toward the Frank m2004-03-Honeymoon381.jpg

The North End...

We had dinner one evening at The Plantation House, up in Napili. m2004-03-Honeymoon367.jpg
One of the couple rainy days we had, we drove around the north end of the island.

We stopped for breakfast at a this little restaurant called "The Gazebo", where we saw this rainbow.

m2004-03-Honeymoon281.jpg m2004-03-Honeymoon284.jpg m2004-03-Honeymoon282.jpg
The road around the north end shows some pretty cool cliffs. m2004-03-Honeymoon286.jpg
Here, the road is two-lanes, but eventually it becomes one-lane with very few places to pull over to let oncoming cars pass. m2004-03-Honeymoon287.jpg
This is a tiny little town called Honokohau....I think.  Or maybe it's Honolua. m2004-03-Honeymoon288.jpg m2004-03-Honeymoon289.jpg

Iao Valley State Park

After coming around the north end on that rainy day, we then stopped at the Iao Valley State Park.   These falls are seen from the parking area. m2004-03-Honeymoon290.jpg
This is looking up at the Iao "needle", from the parking area. m2004-03-Honeymoon292.jpg
This is Cheryl not happy about it being such a rainy the parking area. m2004-03-Honeymoon294.jpg
Glad to get out and stretch his legs after driving around the north end of the island, this is the parking area. m2004-03-Honeymoon296.jpg
The Iao needle from a little closer....but with its top hidden in a cloud. m2004-03-Honeymoon297.jpg
The clouds thinned enough to see the top of the needle...briefly...and then we left. m2004-03-Honeymoon299.jpg


Next stop on the rainy day: Haleakala.  It was a long, slow, rainy ride up to the top, but once we got there it wasn't very rainy because we were above most of the clouds...but Cheryl was still thinking..."Hey, where's the sunny beach!" m2004-03-Honeymoon300.jpg
Me, with the clouds below me. m2004-03-Honeymoon302.jpg
A little information about the "silversword" -- a flower that grows for years, then blooms once and dies. m2004-03-Honeymoon306.jpg
Me, next to some of the silverswords. m2004-03-Honeymoon303.jpg
A close-up of one of them. m2004-03-Honeymoon304.jpg
This is what they look like after they boom and die. m2004-03-Honeymoon305.jpg
Cheryl, growing out of the top of one.  (Okay, not really.) m2004-03-Honeymoon308.jpg
Haleakala's crater.  Pretty cool, eh?  It looks like the surface of Mars. m2004-03-Honeymoon309.jpg
A wide-angle view of it. m2004-03-Honeymoon310.jpg
Cheryl, still not thrilled to be there, but thinking the crater looks pretty cool. m2004-03-Honeymoon311.jpg
Me, and a few more shots of different areas of the crater. m2004-03-Honeymoon314.jpg m2004-03-Honeymoon313.jpg
m2004-03-Honeymoon315.jpg m2004-03-Honeymoon317.jpg

Maui Ocean Center...

On the other rainy day, we went to the Maui Ocean Center.

Okay, what the heck is this?  It looks like a cartoon fish with a human face...but it's real.

These two pictures are of the same fish.  One, what it would look like under water without much light, and one with a flash....both blending into the rock & coral it sits around on. m2004-03-Honeymoon354.jpg m2004-03-Honeymoon352.jpg
All kinds of stuff! m2004-03-Honeymoon355.jpg
Me. m2004-03-Honeymoon356.jpg
A crab. m2004-03-Honeymoon357.jpg
A fish. m2004-03-Honeymoon358.jpg
A diver...and a bunch of sharks! m2004-03-Honeymoon360.jpg
A sting-ray. m2004-03-Honeymoon359.jpg m2004-03-Honeymoon362.jpg m2004-03-Honeymoon363.jpg

Kahului area...

The view from my sister Adrienne's street. m2004-03-Honeymoon427.jpg
Their dragster, covered in sheets, because it's "skin" is off (they were doing some work to it -- adding a nitrous-oxide kit to it, I think.) m2004-03-Honeymoon428.jpg
Adrienne, her boyfriend, Beeze, Cheryl and I after a quick lunch before we headed to the airport to return back home. m2004-03-Honeymoon429.jpg
At the airport, the sunset reflecting off the clouds. m2004-03-Honeymoon430.jpg

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