We started out our trip in Rome.  We were only there two evenings and one days, so we had to squeeze a lot into a short time.  Basically, we saw Vatican City and what is known as "Old Rome" -- the area with the Coliseum, ruins, etc. 

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Waiting in Rome's airport for our luggage.

A bridge over the Tevere river near our hotel.

Later in the evening, looking in the other direction.  I think that's St. Peter's in the distance.

Rome was our first introduction to these tiny cars named "Smart".

Check out the paint on this one -- it's numbers!

They're so tiny they can fit lengthwise into a parallel parking spot!

There were also lots and lots of "scooters" too, but for some reason neither of us photographed any..

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Vatican City

Our first stop was Vatican City.  There we toured the Vatican museums, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter's Basilica.


Old Rome

Old Rome was incredible.  That is where all of the most famous of Rome's sights are located.  Ruins, beautiful fountains and Piazza's (plazas/squares).


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