We took a half-day trip to Pisa while staying in Florence.  It is only about one hour away by train through scenic Tuscany.  There really isn't much to see in Pisa other than the Leaning Tower.  There are some colleges or universities there, but we spent all of our time at the tower.  Recently, it had been under construction to stabilize it -- not "straighten" it like so many people have tried to tell me.  They up-righted it by only a mere 2 centimeters of overhang at the top -- nothing anyone could notice -- but that was enough, along with reinforcing its foundation, to stabilize it and keep it from falling.  If you have a decent monitor, you should be able to read more about it by clicking on the image of the sign at the bottom-left of this page.  The construction had just been completed.  In fact, just two days after we visited, there was to be a public celebration of the completion.  Its surface still needs to be cleaned, and I think there's some minor inside work to be done, but the tower is scheduled to be re-opened to the public around November, 2001, but advance reservations will be required.

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No, not Pisa.  This was taken from the train on our way there.

Another view of the Tuscany countryside on our way to Pisa.

Yes, that is us, and yes, it sure is leaning, isn't it!

Another distant view, showing the baptistery and church.

Gee, it looks straight here!

Kathy (as if you didn't know that).

Kathy and me (duh).

Kathy again.  (What can I say?)

I tried to get a picture of the base to show the cement reinforcement and to give an idea of how much it has sunk on one side

Click above to read about the construction that had been done.


Kathy and me at the tower.


Kathy trying to upright it.  ;-)


Maybe this is why it leans!


Pisa gum.  Get it?  Kathy holding a Pisa (piece of) gum.  Hey, don't groan at me, it was her idea of humor.



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