Hi.  Kathy asked me to scan in a picture of Road Trip, the movie she was in, to e-mail to her friends.  I thought that it might be even nicer to put together a quick, little web page so she could share even more photographs with her out-of-town friends.  Hmmmm...Maybe I overdid it a little.  Well anyway, here it is.

*** NEW AS OF 12/23/2000:  Clips from the actual movie!  Just click here to go to that page ***


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Yes, Kathy was in a real movie!!!  Okay, so she was just an extra in the background for a few seconds, but that's a lot better than nothing!  Actually, it was pretty darn cool!  She also said it was also a lot of fun, not to mention interesting meeting the other actors and seeing how the movie was made...and yes, it's a good, funny movie.

If...no...make that when you go see it, you can look for Kathy near the end of the movie.  The main characters finally get to Austin and go up to the mail-room worker in Tiffany's dorm.   Kathy appears just after that.  She is in the background on the stairs near the center of a group of people.  She is wearing a blue v-neck top and her hair was a lot shorter back then.  She gets shoved out of the way by someone as he comes running down the stairs.  Read on for more details on how to spot her in the movie...

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This is Kathy with Paulo Costanzo (Rubin), one of the main characters in the movie.
This is Kathy with Sean W. Scott (E.L.), another main character whose role was a little bit strange at times.  If you want to know what this nurse is doing to him you'll just have to go see the movie.
This is Kathy with Breckin Meyer (Josh) the lead character in the movie.
This is Kathy with Rachel Blanchard (Tiffany), Josh's girlfriend in Austin that he is trying to keep from seeing the video.


This isn't a main character, but if you go see the movie, knowing his face will help you find Kathy!  He is a worker in the mail room at Tiffany's dorm in Austin.  The main characters come in and start talking to this guy just before Kathy appears in the background.  Kathy is in the background during a fight.  The easiest place to notice her is when one of the character's (Kyle's, below) father comes running down the stairs and shoves her out of the way.
This is Kathy and D.J. Quails (Kyle). His nose looks like it's bleeding because they  were filming the fight sequence that happens while Kathy is in the background.  It's his father in the movie that shoves Kathy out of the way as he is coming down the stairs.

This is Tom Green.  Hilariously bizarre is about the best way to describe him in the movie...or on MTV for that matter!  One day during the filming he came over and sat down next to Kathy and they spoke for a few minutes. Kathy, unfortunately, didn't even know who he was at the time!  She had her camera with her, but it wasn't until after he walked away that someone else told her who he was!  Maybe she should have been watching MTV before she started filming to see his show and know who he was.  Oops!  Maybe she'll get a picture with him the next time she's in a movie with him.