Utah Ski Trip

The first night...Me, Deb, Andrea, Catherine, and David:


The second night we went to a Japanese restaurant.
We got a kick out of the sumo-skier and decider to take a picture with him:


After dinner, we took a brief tour of the Mormon's "Temple Square" in Salt Lake City.
This is the temple. Non-mormons are not allowed inside:


This is a view from the outside of the visitor's center. Pretty cool:


And this is a close-up from inside:


The Mormon Tabernacle Choir was rehearsing that evening.
This is taken in the tabernacle. The organ has over 2000 pipes, many are wood painted to look like metal.
Similarly, the pillars between the main floor and balcony
look like marble,
but are really the original pine from when it was built in 1846.


While Andrea, Catherine, David and I were touring Temple Square,
Deb met her friend Paige across the street at a book store:


This is Catherine...and...who is that masked person?


We went skiing at three different resorts . . .
I forgot to bring my camera the first day, to
Deer Valley, which was my favorite for skiing, but not the most scenic.
This is from the top of one of the mountains at
Park City. You can barely tell, but those are condos at the base:


From David's camera...Deb & Me, and Deb & David:



Here comes Deb skiing toward me:


And here she is stopping in front of me.
I snapped this a split second too early to catch the snow-spraying up on me from the stop:


What better than a relaxing dip in the hot-tub after skiing:


All of us:


The reverse view looking out from the hot-tub is this magnificant
view of...Deb...oh, wait...I
meant of the mountains:


All of us again:


Another group shot of us after dinner Friday night:


Andrea and Deb (at the restaurant):


A view from the car of the mountains on the way to ski at Brighton:


A view from the top of one of the slopes at Brighton:


Another view from the top of one of the slopes at Brighton:


Yet another view from the top of one of the slopes at Brighton:


Me pausing for a picture on one of the slopes at Brighton.
Unfortunately, something in the background didn't show up in the
picture. In the opening above and to the right of me are some ski tracks
way up on that far mountain. It looked really cool because the snow was
otherwise untouched over there. Those two skiers may have been dropped by a helicopter:


Yes, I got a little carried away with the gorgeous mountain views...
This one was taken from the car on the way back from Brighton:
(And if you're curious what that is in Deb's hand, it's a sandwich)


You guessed it:


Deb relaxing at the airport before our flight home. I love that hat!


One last picture before we left...Andrea interested in something Deb is reading:


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