Pictures from Memory Dean's 6/11/2000 performance at Smith's Olde Bar benefiting Hughes Spalding Children's Hospital

They played for 97 minutes straight with no break!  I videotaped the show, and here are a few pictures snagged from the video tape.  For those of you that haven't heard them play, I've put together a short MP3 file that's a mix of of a few of their songs recorded live at the benefit / concert -- just enough to get a taste of their talent, but nothing long enough to be "bootleg" material.  It's far from a professional mix.  It started as a recording on my little camcorder, and then I pieced parts of songs together with no fading and then finally compressed the heck out of it to get the 5 minute, 35 second mix down to a 2.5 MB MP3 file, but it's still a decent sample of them.  If you like them, go to Memory Dean's web site and by some CDs!

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