Halloween Party / Fundraiser

Like last year, this year's party was a benefit sponsored by a group of friends from my church for Buckhead Christian Ministries.  It was at a pretty cool location, particularly for the Halloween mood.  It was held at The Atlanta Brewing Company where they rent out space for parties.  Of course, they also provide beer (their own labels).  The main area, where the DJ and dancing was, was in the bottling area.  There were pallets upon pallets of beer, and the bottling machines looped around one of section...And of course it was dark and sort of dingy...perfect for Halloween.

I didn't get a lot of pictures, but there were a lot of great costumes there.  Oh well.  Maybe next year!  (Actually, I haven't had my film developed yet. The pictures below are from Kathy's camera, so maybe I do have some pictures of other people's costumes.)


Kathy, Jennifer and Hilary went as Charlie's Angels
and took 2nd place in a contest.
There's also video of them on my video page.

I wore the same costume as two years ago...sorry.
But hey, it is funny!
I got quite a few laughs -- no prizes, just laughs.




Kathy and I...


Me kneeling to get my video camera out...




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