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Big Nose Bird is a good place for tips and tricks on web page creation.
The Atlanta Radio Club - W4DOC The Atlanta Radio Club is a local HAM radio club I belong to.
Web Pages That Suck is both a useful site and a source of amusement.
http://www.michaelbach.de/ot/ has a lot of really cool optical illusions with explanations.  You may need to have Flash and/or Quicktime installed to see them all, but it's definitely worth checking out.
The Onion is one of my favorite humor sites, and its content changes regularly.
Strongbad's E-mail has my vote for best use of Flash animation...sort of.
Does this guy have too much time on his hands, or what?  There's a new mail each Monday.  My favorites so far are "Japanese Cartoon" and "Techno".
A song for those of you that are not Rush Limbaugh fans (or you at least have a sense of humor like I do).  You really need to download and listen to this 4 minute, 55 second song. It's a fairly big (589,126 byte) ".wav" file, but it's worth the wait...OR (*new*) you can stream it as RealAudio. It was recorded off of WNNX in Atlanta. It's a wonderful demonstration of the positive work that computers and people with far too much time on their hands can do ;-)  Enjoy!
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